Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our most frequently exchanged questions and answers for interested home-based, Business English Trainers.

Q.How do I apply?

A.Click the APPLY NOW button found across our website, or click the SIGN UP when you visit our Facebook business page.

Q.Do you allow foreigners or Filipinos living abroad to apply?


We sure do. We have trainers from over 20 different countries. For Non-Filipino citizens living in the Philippines, you just need:

  1. A Tax Identification Number provided by BIR
  2. A BPI or a BPI Family account number under your own name that is able to receive deposits
  3. A government issued ID, specifically an updated Alien Certificate of Registration or ACR I-Card with the visa category of Permanent Resident with a 13-A non restricted visa [Permanent Resident Visa]

For Non-Filipino citizens living abroad or Filipino citizens with a resident status abroad, you just need:

  1. A verified PETNET (Powered by Western Union) account linked to a foreign bank and using a foreign currency.
  2. Proof of foreign residence (a government issued ID with your address is best)
  3. Knowledge of the basic tax requirement if you are residing abroad and get income from Philippine sources (final withholding tax rate 25% of gross income -

Finally, please check whether your country has a no-double taxation treaty with the Philippines, as you will be receiving tax-deducted pay from us. You may still have to remit taxes to your own government, depending on the existence/nonexistence of such aforementioned treaty.

Q. Do I need to have any teaching experience?

A. Teaching experience is not required. Some of our best trainers started with very little or no teaching experience. Passion and a strong work ethic are far more important than teaching experience. Having said that, it certainly helps to have some teaching experience.

Q. What are your Internet and workstation requirements?


We teach Japanese professionals Business English. They expect Trainers to be professional in all aspects, including the location where they conduct lessons from.

To achieve that professional vibe, here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Your workstation must be quiet, well-lit, and free from clutter. A plain white wall is required to keep distractions at bay.
  2. Use a desktop or a laptop PC or Mac, Using your phone or tablet for lessons is a no-no.
  3. Get a working webcam with clear resolution and headset with mic equipped with noise cancelling feature. Remember that the quieter your workstation is, the more you and your student will be able to focus.
  4. Secure a WIRED Internet connection (DSL, Cable, or Fiber) with a minimum speed of 2 Mbps download and 2 Mbps upload prior to your application. Your PC or Mac must be physically attached to a DSL/LAN cable, not via Wi-Fi connection.
  5. Finally, all our teaching demos and training sessions must replicate the same overall quality that is required in real lessons. Thus, all interviews and mock sessions must be done at the place where you plan to work.

Q. Can I apply for a wired connection after I have been contracted?

A. If your connection becomes unstable during your interview or demo lesson, chances are you'll be asked to reapply. Strong internet connection is something worth investing in because it can make or break your home-based teaching gig. How your connection is during the interview and demo lesson will be our basis in evaluating your ability to attend to bookings.

Q. What should I wear during the Interview?

A. Please treat this interview as if you were having it in an actual office. Attend in business attire.

Q. Are lesson modules provided for?

A. Yes. Our trainers use Bizmates’ original materials. So there’s no need to spend hours creating your own lesson plans. Nevertheless, we encourage trainers to be creative to make your classes interesting and relatable for students. Feel free to make the lesson your own as long as it remains in conjunction with the lesson module.

Q. How do I contact the student?

A. Apart from our own platform, we also use Skype to contact our students, so please be familiar with the main features of Skype.

Q. How can I get regular bookings?

A. The objective is to “wow” your students. Once they are impressed, there’s a huge possibility that they will become your regulars. Our students are people, regular people. Connect with them on a personal level, show them that you are here to help them. Teach them something of value and they will certainly book you again.

Q. Where can I get help during classes?

A. Our Trainer Support Sevices team is there to assist you during actual lessons. Your concerns will be addressed by people who also teach - like you!

Q. I am currently employed/applying for a job at another online English tutorial company. Am I still allowed to apply at Bizmates?


Our Trainers are independent contractors. This means that if you become one of our Trainers, Bizmates will be your client, not your employer.

If you are currently employed, we suggest you consult your HR department about applying at Bizmates as your engagement here would impact your tax filing.

Q. What is the teaching schedule at Bizmates?


New Trainers can open the following slots (all in Philippine time):

  1. Weekdays: 4am-9am and 5pm-12mn
  2. Weekends and Japanese holidays: 4am-12mn for ALL trainers.

You may choose the number of hours you wish to teach.

If you do really well, you can do trial lessons. This will enable you to open all slots on weekdays from 4AM to midnight.

Q. What are your payout options?

  1. If you are living in the Philippines: Either of the two payment channels provided they are under your own name:

     a. an active BPI account that is able to receive deposits or

     b. an upgraded Maya account

  2. If you are living overseas: Details of your nominated bank in the country you are residing in to be enrolled in PETNET (Powered by Western Union).

Q. Do you have any openings for office-based trainers?

A. No. We currently do not offer office-based teaching contracts. All our trainers are home-based.

Q. Can I get a higher rate if I'm an experienced teacher/a native speaker?

A. Our starting rate for all Trainers is PhP140.00 per hour of teaching or Php70.00 per 25-minute lesson. Please note that this is subject to withholding tax based on the latest BIR regulations for Professionals.

Q. I'm a college student/retiree. Can I still apply? / Is there an age requirement/limit for applicants?


For all applicants, no matter what age, we check these four aspects:

1. English ability

English is the medium we use and is what we teach our students.

2. Teaching ability

We don’t look for those with online or classroom teaching experience, but those who have the potential to effectively teach.

3. Tech-savviness

While we orient Trainers on using Bizmates-specific applications, such as our Trainer Portal, we expect you to have knowledge in using Skype, the ability to navigate the Internet with ease and do troubleshooting.

4. Business know-how

It will be challenging to relate with our students if your exposure to the business or corporate world is limited. This is why we require applicants to have at least 3 years of working experience.

Q. Is it really possible to earn PhP80,000.00 per month?


Of course, it is. Not everyone can do it, but we have Trainers who earn 80,000php/month and many who consistently earn over 60,000php/month.

Our Trainers get paid per lesson taught. Trainers can open a maximum of 40 slots per day from Monday to Sunday.

You may compute your possible fees based on the rate and the number of hours you plan on teaching. Please note that all Trainers start at PhP140.00/hr or PhP70.00/lesson. Our maximum rate, on the other hand, is PhP230.00/hour or PhP115.00/lesson. Each lesson is 25 minutes long.