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What is Bizmates?

We are a new and exciting online business communication school focused on helping Japanese professionals with their business English needs. Headquartered in Japan, Bizmates is aggressively looking for energetic and goal-driven professionals of all nationalities who can help us achieve our vision of bringing the Asian business community together.

Mission statement

At Bizmates, our goal is to be recognized as a professional, online business communication school which stands out in the industry; for our customers to see us as dedicated partners to help achieve their business goals; for our vendors to see us as a long-term partner with a win/win mind; for our employees to be motivated by a clear results-based evaluation system and taking pride in working among the best.

Vision statement

At Bizmates, our vision is to strengthen the business community, especially in Asia by giving our customers the business communication skills they need to establish true partnerships.

Our Team

Hika Ito


Bizmates Philippines Inc.

Thank you for your interest in Bizmates. Unlike many dead-end, home-based jobs, Bizmates offers opportunities for trainers to have professional careers while working from home. We are looking for high achievers who have the skills and the mindset to help our customers gain the communication skills they need to succeed in global business.

Minette Francisco


Chief Operating Officer,
Bizmates Philippines Inc.

Let's see, how did you get to this page? You may be one of many people who are already tired of the daily commute to work or one of even more people seeking to make a little more money to complement their regular income. Search no more because a job at Bizmates may just be what you're looking for. Please browse our website to find out what we do and how you can be part of this exciting and rewarding opportunity. And if you think you have what it takes, then we invite you to apply.

Bizmates Trainer

Compared to other online schools, we get a much higher pay rate at Bizmates and we're given complete flexibility with our schedules. And with its original teaching approach and materials, you can really see the students' progress, and feel like you're contributing. But what I like most about working for Bizmates is that I feel like I'm part of a team. It's a home-based job, but I get regular feedback about my lessons. And now, I've already begun to take on additional responsibilities such as doing assessments and mentoring new trainers.
Well, I like the fact that I can keep my full-time job and still work part-time at Bizmates. I really feel that I am able to utilize my business experience in my lessons. I mean, this is my first time to have a teaching job, but I’ve already been able to pick up many regular students and have been promoted to Assessor. I think if you have a good grasp of the teaching materials and method, you will naturally become a good trainer. It worked for me.
Working at Bizmates made it possible for me to be a full-time mom and a full-time employee as well. The fact that this company operates as home-based made life quite convenient. Instead of enduring the commute to work, I can spend quality time with my child during the day. The salary here is also a big plus since I can earn more than enough to support my family.


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Due to the rapidly growing number of students, the demand for full-time positions and availability during weekends was taken a notch higher.
We invite everyone to join us as we further take off the ground one booking at a time.