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Bizmates Group

Basic Compliance Policy

The Basic Compliance Policy sets out Bizmates’ general standards which are expected to be followed by all officers and employees in order to fulfill our social responsibilities, grow sustainably, and realize our corporate vision and mission.

  1. 1. Act according to social rules.
    We will operate our business in accordance with laws and social norms as a member of society.
    Make fair decisions based on company rules.
  2. 2. Strive to build trust with our customers.
    We will listen to the requests and suggestions from customers and strive to continuously improve it.
    Perform our duties in good faith and do not cheat.
  3. 3. Manage information appropriately.
    We will obtain information through work in compliance with the law and handle it appropriately in a safe environment.
    We will disclose company information accurately in a timely manner, both internally and externally.
  4. 4. Maintain a healthy relationship with our business partners.
    We will build fair relationships with our business partners; do not make nor comply with unreasonable demands.
    Take sensible action against illegal activity or antisocial forces.
  5. 5. Strive to maintain and promote a healthy work environment.
    We will respect the human rights of individuals and promote a healthy and safe work environment.
    We will comply with labor regulations and aim to build a corporate culture with the highest moral standards.